Space Adventure PinBall

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Space Adventure PinBall GamePlay:

Your score will increase corresponding to the touches on different points in the SpaceBall Pinball game at Gogy 2 online. Starting from the position of the ball, the player moves the ball so that it can touch the different points without falling off the gutter. Different thrusts will cause the ball to cross different positions in the box and bring different scores to the player.


You will see two pushers in the lower corner of the box and with other thrusts, the position of the ball will fly to different places corresponding to the score that you can choose in your game. Gogy 2018 com have updated this game for enthusiasts to explore the game. The player has all three lives when throwing a ball at the scoreboard on the screen. You can even multiply your score by as much as your old score. Remember do not let the ball fall out of the trough. If you use up 3 turns, the game will end with the score you are having.


This is also the challenge of all players to participate in this game at You even have the opportunity to challenge your friends to join the game to compare your abilities. This is one of the addictive games by the magic of the achievements you get when you join. You can find many more games on the site such as Color Road. Each interesting subject is waiting for you. Hurry!



Use the arrow keys to move the flippers and launch the ball. Try to do as many points as possible!

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