Toto Adventure

Rate: 93.3% | 4.7/5 (3 Player)


Toto Adventure GamePlay:

Toto Adventure game bucks up players in go gy games. A boy embarks on a journey in Toto Adventure. In the game, you make a support to take that boy to the last destination. Explore a mysterious chest and collect jewelry,but keep yourself safe. Get gold coins and eliminate badass zombies. Go for it! 


During this game at gogy Games for kids, you will take a role of a character. There is a jumping boy, a star war soldier, and a robot. Choose a character and start your journey. The game is divided into a series of levels, you begin with the level 1 and complete them one by one. While doing missions, you shall face so much danger. 


As this is a single-player game, therefore, you can move alone in the maze and the main task is to open a treasure chest. You must collect enough three golden keys to unlock it. You have to move around to look for them and fight with them to steal the keys. If you bump into zombies, you lose some percentage of life. You have to jump on them to kill them or jump over to avoid them. Make high jumps at the right time. If you jump on moving dead bodies, you get 2 points. Collect all coins on the way as an extra mission. Much time!


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The left and right arrow to move to the left and right.

Down arrow to jump down.

Up arrow to jump up.

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