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Antzer.Space GamePlay:

Antzer io is an insects fighting io game on gogy unblocked! This game is played online in antz io army rails. The leader of the red band is the leader of the fighting team and is joined by thousands of insects. Your task is to be strongest and coolest in the game room. Find food and eat food and build new creatures for your army such as termites, ants and other types of bugs. You can have 1 insect room in each room. You can play 15 persons / per room, 3 zones around the world. The more bugs the more power.


Here at gogy play, maximum you can have 140 bugs in your army at the time. Don't worry! You'll lose them quickly in battles with other players. You have some food points - Donuts points that are earned by eating food items on the map. You can use food to recruit new soldiers out of available insect types.


If your ants encounter the opponent's colony, a real battle will begin. The strongest will win. Therefore, in order not to lose, you need to gain strength and you need a lot to eat and drink. In addition, food and other players, you may also come across some high level AI bots. Kill them to receive ability to hire them to your army. 


Share with friends to see who cooks better. This will be one of the fun action games at Check out Classic Snake .io. Get ready for new challenges. It was a great moment. Play this game as soon as possible! 



Use the mouse to attack

W/A/S/D or arrow keys to move

{1-9} are recruiting hotkeys

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