Space Blaze

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Space Blaze GamePlay:

Space Blaze is the galactic 2D arcade game at Gogy 2 free online. In this action packed space shooter, you are at the controls of a space age aircraft on a mission to travel across the cosmos. You need to eliminate everything that moves before you. Unlock new ships and abilities as you blast through each stage and find a way to get it as close as possible.


The game really offers a lot of levels to attempt to win. However the further you are, the harder it will be. In addition, when you fly through deep dark space you will be confronted by hostile alien lifeform that will destroy to destroy you ship. Therefore at game gogy kids, take great care to show everyone you have it and get a high enough score. Keep your health safe. You can keep a couple of wounds, but certainly not from the entire fleet.


Besides, you must also learn to dodge their attacks. By altering your acceleration and strafing left and right, as you are ion position lay your attack using the weapons installed on the ship to destroy your enemies before they destroy you. Pick up upgrades as you go along to improve your arsenal. Show everyone you are the best pilot in the solar system. Have fun and good luck!


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Awesome game features:

◉ A cool shoot 'em up game with a powerful spaceship

◉ You can move blazingly fast

◉ Fast-paced and endless gameplay

◉ Unlockable more spaceships with different capabilities



Use the WASD or arrow keys to move around.

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