Space Driving

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (2 Player)


Space Driving GamePlay:

In the Space Driving, you will control an aircraft in the space and your mission is to fly as far as possible. The speed of the game is at a very fast level, which requires you to have a sharp observation and take prompt action. Your obstacles are the blocks that have various shapes appearing continuously and suddenly on your way. And once you encounter an obstacle, the game is over immediately and you have to start again. Thus, keep your eyes to observe and reflex quickly to dodge the obstacles.


Here at Gogy kizi, while driving, you can also collect circles that are scattered throughout the game to receive credits. There are 4 different types of circles with different colors: green, blue, red and yellow, and each type will give you a certain boost.


For example, if you get a green circle, you will receive a 500 turbo boost or a yellow one will bring you 1500 bonus points. Then, don’t miss any circles when you have chances to collect them. You may not achieve a long distance at the beginning, but keep trying again and you’ll be improved. The longest distance is saved automatically, then do your best to beat the old record and set the new one. Have a good time!


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How to play?

Press the left/right arrow keys to control your aircraft.

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