Color Road

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Color Road GamePlay:

Your task in Color Road is to control your ball to match it with the ball which has the same color without colliding with the obstacle ball which has a different color. The task is very simple but not easy to implement. There are three different colored balls in the game which are pink, green and yellow. And the balls are randomly scattered on three lanes to which you can move your ball by swiping it back and forth.


Here at Gogy, the thing is how to master the controls. As you begin the game, you will have plenty of time between the color changes determine which color of the coming balls match the color of the ball you are controlling. Therefore, it's not difficult for you to make a right match. However, when you go through the first 20 color changes, the speed of the game increases faster and faster.


You are really challenged by the game to swipe and dodge all the obstacle balls while looking for the ball which matches the color of your ball. This situation requires great concentration and prompt action. Thus, keep your eyes to observe, reflex as quickly as you can and progress further in the game. The further the ball goes, the higher score you will get. The best score is automatically saved, then replay, improve your skill and record a new best score. Have fun!


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How to play?

Use your mouse to play this game on the computer or tap on the game screen when playing on the mobile phone.

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