Extreme Car Driving

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Extreme Car Driving GamePlay:

Here at Gogy, would you like to take a turn in the garage? You can see different cars with different appearances and qualities. But you’ll start Extreme Car Driving with the white one at the first position. The other cars are locked and you can unlock them when you drive a long distance enough. In this game, your task is dependent on which mode you choose.


The game gives you three separate modes: Free mode, Checkpoint and Missions. Firstly, in the Free mode, you’re free to drive on any streets you want and discover new cities. This’s really a great chance for you to improve your driving skills.


Secondly, in the Checkpoint mode, you have 10 levels to conquer. To complete each level, you need to go through enough given checkpoints within 1 minute and 40 seconds. Lastly, it’s quite special that you can only play Missions mode when you’ve played at least one of the 2 others before. Let’s be a skilled driver here! If there is only you on the streets in the previous modes, then this mode is the opposite, you’ll join the traffic with other vehicles.


You also have to complete your assigned missions in a limited time. So, make use of all your driving skills to move safely and overcome all the challenging offered levels. And no matter which mode you choose, try your best to hit the required distances so that you can experience all the cool cars in the game. It’s useful to watch the map on every street you drive through. Have fun! You may want to play other driving games at http://m.gogy2.xyz/ such as Spy Car


How to play?

On the computer: Use mouse click to interact, arrow keys to control your car.

On other devices: Tap directly on the game screen to play.

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