Soldiers Combat

Rate: 77.5% | 3.9/5 (8 Player)


Soldiers Combat GamePlay:

You want to show your fighting skills and become a brave soldier. You want to pass all your enemies. Do not miss the chance to discover the Soldiers Combat online game at gogy for free games. It is an attractive game for all players. As a soldier, you have to join the fight now. Your goal is to destroy all enemies and overcome all obstacles to reach the finish line.


Use your gun to shoot bad guys and shoot obstacles. Do not forget to collect coins to unlock new characters and buy better guns. Note, the enemies will appear with a large number, they have sharp swords. You will have to look carefully, move quickly and shoot accurately to defeat the opponent. If you fail, the bad guys will kill you and the game will end.


You will try to shoot all the obstacles on the way to accumulate the time symbols and add more bullets. It will help you play longer. The game has many levels. How many levels will you pass? And how many new characters will you open? It all depends on your ability. With eye-catching graphic design and fierce battle are set vividly. I believe that you will be attracted for the first time. You are ready to become the bravest and best soldier in battle.


Let's start gaming! And do not forget to share with your friends about this exciting game. If you like this game, you can play many similar games Sky Fight and Operation Assault 2 at


How to play:

You will use the left and right arrows to move the character.

Arrow up to perform the jump.

And the Space key on the keyboard to shoot bad guys and obstacles.

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