Heavy Combat Zombies

Rate: 60% | 3/5 (5 Player)


Heavy Combat Zombies GamePlay:

A Zombie army is preparing to attack you in the Heavy Combat Zombies game at http://m.gogy2.xyz/. First, you will move into the city and destroy any zombies you catch on the road. Use the weapons you have and move in the most flexible way so you don't have to kill too many zombies at once. They can attack you and cause you to be injured until you also become a Zombie and lose. This authentic Zombie attack game will take you to the movies you watched.

Therefore, the game is limited in age and for each different player so that you have a chance to achieve the highest score and complete all the tasks that each level has given. They will move very quickly and you need to complete your mission by destroying them immediately. This game is sure to be one of the challenges that you face in action games. Zombies will not miss you on their city journey.

If you don't want to be bitten and turn into a Zombie, overcome the challenges and attack them and complete the mission that the game offers in each part played at GoGy 2 free online. They I help players join this online game without being bothered by ads or game loading speed. Different ways of moving and attacking enemies with your weapons will give you a chance to survive through each part. You are no longer surprised by the challenges that the game has given because you can fight with your courage in this game. In addition, we also recommend players the most popular Zombie games like Mob City and Tank War Simulator. Save and join when you have free time.

How to play: Use arrow keys and mouse to move and attack zombies. Press Esc if you want to display the mouse

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