Frozen Sisters Cruise Affair

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Frozen Sisters Cruise Affair GamePlay:

The princesses are enjoying their holiday and by chance, they meet 2 hot boys. They decide to change their look to impress guys. Frozen Sisters Cruise Affair game of gy y games finds favor with players. Enjoy!


Elsa will dress up first. She shall wear a sleeveless long red dress; a long blue dress; a short red-blue dress; a long green dress; a blue-white middle length dress; and an orange jumpsuit. Besides, the hairstyles are all elegant and suitable for parties: Braided hair, wavy long hair and curly long hair. Next, choose a pair of high heels. Shoes have different formats and colors, such as green, blue, red, ivory, and purple. Then, pick a nice necklace and a pair of earrings. Finally, take a handbag or wear a mane on frivv games player.


The next, the younger sister - Anna will get dressed and her style is more youthful and dynamic. She shall choose a pink tank top with a blue skirt, or a white-pink short dress, or a short pink dress with a fur scarf, or a violet dress with blue lame, or a strapped short black dress, or a pink tank top with denim shorts. Similar, select a hairstyle, a pair of shoes, a necklace, and a pair of earrings. In addition, she can also wear a mane from a pink mane with a knot, a blue mane, and a purple mane with laces. Take a well-favoured handbag. After two girls finish dressing up, they look great anbd 2 guys invite them to have a date.


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Use the mouse to interact

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