Sky Fight

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (4 Player)


Sky Fight GamePlay:

Your final aim in the Sky Fight is to stand at a high position in the world rankings. If you want to achieve that, then do your best to survive as long as possible and destroy as many opponents as you can. Here at gogy online to play game, you control a fighter plane and fly around the game zone gunning down other player’s planes.


Each fighter in the game is equipped with basic machine guns. This means that if you can shoot at your opponents, they can do the same to you, too. Thus, be careful and try to shoot down them before you die. Another thing you should pay attention to is that the amount of ammunition is limited and it needs time to reload. So, please aim straight and move wisely until you get ready again with a full cartridge belt.


While fighting, you can catch the falling parachutes to upgrade your guns as well as maneuverability, shields or speed. And you will also receive medals when completing some of the 49 achievements which are allocated throughout the game. As you progress and destroy more opponents, you level up and are able to access other games modes and features. Can you conquer the skies and become a legendary pilot?


Invite your friends to join with you for more fun! You may want to play similar games such as Asteroid Burst and Air Wars 2. Check out at to explore more interesting things! Enjoy your time!


How to play?

Press AD keys or left/right arrow keys to turn; W key or up arrow key to dive or climb; S key or down arrow key to loop and Spacebar to shoot.

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