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Flappy Bird - The smash-hit game on goggy games! Try to move your wings to fly and make your way as far as you can. Have fun!


The rhythm clicked, and getting into the 20s and 30s was easy. But around 40 I'd notice I hadn't blinked, which got you thinking about blinking and then WHACK. When you crossed triple digits, staying mentally dialed in became the real challenge, and during my high-score run of 138 there were times where you realized you had actually forgotten to breathe. You suddenly found myself trying to inhale as carefully as you could so as not to disrupt the rhythm of yours finger. That's quite a psychological trick for a game to pull off, but it comes at an expense.


Flappy Bird is entirely artless, and completely uninterested in giving us an experience outside of mechanical mastery. There's no variation, and the one mechanic never evolves or even attempts to apply itself in interesting ways. The number on your screen is the only indicator of progress, and the only thing that differentiates pipe number four from pipe number 400. Without it, Flappy Bird could never have held my attention for more than a minute or two. Emphasizing skill shouldn't have to come at the expense of creative possibility. In that sense, all Flappy Bird at gogy com really is, is a proof of concept; a skeleton with only the barest bit of flesh hanging from it.


Flappy Bird Online is a free mobile HTML5 game, offered to you by http://m.gogy2.xyz - Tap to play!   Flap, flap, flap FLAPPY BIRD.. Good luck!

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