Finger Driver Online

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Finger Driver Online GamePlay:

Racing is always one of the favorite games of many people. It attracts players at speed, interactivity and racing techniques. However, not everyone has the confidence and passion to win challenging races in the games. In addition, racing games require players to have different skills, such as speed, responsiveness and agility. If you are looking to challenge yourself in exciting racing games, Finger Driver Online at Gogy will be an indispensable choice for you.


This is really a speed game and it is suitable for speed enthusiasts around the world. Are you ready to race on the road with high speed? Imagine that your car has lost brakes on a folded road segment. You can’t stop the car, the only way to survive for you is to cross this dangerous road. Your main task is to drive the car carefully and navigate it in timely situations, especially the folding tracks. Remember that with one wrong step at Gogy car, your car will fall into the black hole immediately.


This task is really quite hard for you if you don’t have a fast interoperability. In particular, the road segment is very small, so you have to wait for the right time to drive the car moving left or right. The level of difficulty and speed of the game will also increase dramatically in later parts of the game. Moreover, you only have one turn, try to surpass your own record after each play. Don’t forget to race more with Bike Race 2 at


How to play? The players can use arrow keys or WASD to control your car.