Mildly Infuriated Bird

Rate: 65% | 3.3/5 (4 Player)


Mildly Infuriated Bird GamePlay:

Mildly Infuriated Bird game at gogy unblocked is a fun and interesting journey about a little bird that always dreamed of conquering new lands. He always wanted to fly far and learn new lands in distant kingdom. However, this journey is extremely difficult and challenging with a series of obstacles and deadly traps everywhere. So, this little bird needs a companion who is brave and talented. Who can be worthy of this position?


It could be you! Especially if you've played a famous game - Flappy Bird, you will find many similarities between these two games. What are you thinking? It is the wonderful time for you to show off your fighting and talent now!


On this journey at goggy games, your biggest task is to control this little bird wisely and carefully to help it overcome the challenges ahead. Obstacles will appear in various shapes such as spikes, bombs, monsters or fences with spaces in between. Your goal is to control the bird to overcome these obstacles and go as far as possible along the way.


Be careful with every move because the obstacles will appear everywhere and with dense density. Keep your eyes to observe carefully and make the most perfect path for the little bird. In particular, you should remember that you have only one life in one turn. So, you may have to play it again to get used to controlling this mischievous bird.


Take advantage of all the possibilities to collect gold coins and improve your strength in this challenging journey. Besides, you also can play more with Jump Box Hero at


Instructions: Play the game with the mouse on the computer.