Temple Run Online

Rate: 86.2% | 4.3/5 (13 Player)


Temple Run Online GamePlay:

Temple Run Online will be a long adventure because you will run on the endless road with endless obstacles. Here at Gogy, your task is to run as far as you can and upgrade your stats to the highest possible level. This is not easy to conquer. The obstacles constantly appear on your road. Then, keep your eyes to observe and react exactly in order not to encounter any obstacles.

If you encounter an obstacle when you only have a life, you die immediately and have to start again. But, it’s lucky that you can use coins gained in the game to purchase more lives in Store. And also in this Store, you have chances to buy other features to enhance your abilities. So, before that, you need to gain as many coins as possible. Interestingly, your result after each play will be synthesized and then shown in Stats.

Let's improve your running skills and hit your highest stats. It’s more fun to invite your friend to join with you and compare your result with his after finishing the game. Besides, great 3D graphics and cool music are the accents of this game that you will have a full experience of being a runner. Enjoy the game! You can play other running games at http://m.gogy2.xyz/ such as Tomb Runner 

How to play?

On the computer: Press left mouse click to interact, up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to slide, left/right arrow to move to the left or right.

On other devices: Tap directly on the game screen to play.