Stickman Archer Online 2

Rate: 80% | 4/5 (28 Player)


Stickman Archer Online 2 GamePlay:

Stickman Archer Online 2 is an awesome aiming and shooting game at Gogy 2 game. You must fight in a never-ending battle of deadly archery; the enemy is killed by a hit in the head or two hits in the torso. You control stickman. Stickman wishes to show off his archery skills. The goals of the game is to fight against wave after wave of other stickmen. Kill them with precise shots from your bow. Controls are simple, you must drag back your bow. Use your mouse to aim and release to shoot. Have a great time!


Headshots - Earn extras money and kill your enemies in one shot. Body shots require two hits and earn less cash. Try to aim carefully! The platforms change location and appear randomly, as you progress and kill more stickmen. This will keep you guessing and make you re-adjust your aim frequently. 


With the money you earn you can unlock new characters and level backgrounds to add extra variety to the game. How many headshots can you score in gy games? With accuracy and skill, can you defeat wave after wave of enemies?


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Drag/ Click the left mouse button to shoot.



--- Game modes: Single and Multiplayer 

--- Shoot to apple on head stickman

--- Shoot to bottles