Run Run Duck

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Run Run Duck GamePlay:

Have a fun time with this cute duck and complete the task of helping him out! In order to get to the golden eggs that were lost, he needs your help to guide him through the path. When there's a high block, hit it by jumping from underneath or jumping on it to reach higher rewards. Don't forget that the key objective in this Gogy kid game  is to conquer the platform of jump and run with a goal of the score.

Such a fun game has become popular among the category thanks to the colorful and lively theme, fun background music, and pixel-themed gameplay. When you come across the slimes, make sure to hop on their heads to knock them out. Also, the force that you hit under the bricks should be enough to unlock it and get you the coins or extra life hidden inside.

Make sure to gather as many coins as you can find on the path to victory, which will help boost your stats. Powerups are the other great highlights of this game as they help bring new potential and creative ways to overcome these obstacles. Here at Gogy2 , enjoy the beautifully handmade pixel graphics in other fun games such as Dino Squad Battle Mission for more challenging stages and levels.

A total of 8 different layouts and unique numbers of slimes is waiting for you in this game of Run Run Duck, crack all of them now! The two most important skills for you to survive this duck chase are estimation and flexibility! Don't hesitate to upgrade and use some powerups like invisibility or extra lives to keep your duck healthy for a long time here!

Controlling keys: Move to the left or the right using the arrow keys. Click to choose the levels and to interact.