Super Plumber Run

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Super Plumber Run GamePlay:

Inspired by Super Mario, Super Plumber Run at Gogy game is a great platformer game brings you to a magical world. At here, you will have an exciting adventure full of fun and dangers as well. You control your character keep running forward, jump over obstacles, kill enemies by jumping on them and collect as many gold coins as you can. Coins are used to buy power-ups in the store such as mushroom which helps you grow up, a magnet to collect all coins at ease and 2X multiplayer to double your coins.


Along the way, you also break the gold bricks to collect these power-ups. Besides, watch out your enemies, if you touch them, you will die immediately. This gogy free online juegos game also offers a list of three missions for you to explore, including Go to the sky bonus 5 times, Catch 500 coins and Get the magnet power-up 5 times. When you complete these missions, you will earn huge bonuses. Because your character runs forward automatically, so you will find it hard to control him.


You must determine the right time to make a jump and perform other actions. If you miss a second, you fail. Try your best to avoid dangers like tortoises, spikes on the ground and dragons in the sky. This game is so fun and addictive that will give you hours of joy. Complete it and try out more games at such as Temple Run Online


How to play: Use up arrow key or left click to jump.