Bouncy Run

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Bouncy Run free online at gogy new games is a game with impressive graphics. Jump above the lines to score. The goal of the game is to bounce from one platform to another to go as high as possible and score as many points as possible. The rules are simple, however, the gameplay is not. A lot of locations and background images, but you can customize your ball using the points earned during the game. Ready to bounce?


In this game, to score points, bounce above lines! Nevertheless be careful! The higher you get the harder the next jump will be. Therefore at gogy online Games for kids, make sure you land your ball to the center of the platform to receive maximum points. It's should not be that hard - Just click and the ball rushes down. 


At the beginning the game is rather simple. The ball will jump not high from the platforms, but with time it will be jumping that high and you'll be almost unable to control it. Let’s run, jump and play! Improve your skills to set a new record in Bouncy Run!


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Click to make ball fall down