Run Panda Run

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Run Panda Run is a fun online adventure game in which you will join the adventure with a cute panda bear. This panda decides to challenge himself running in the snowy weather. However, it seems that he hasn’t picked the safest route. There are so many obstacles on his path - snowmen, stone blocks or even chasms - they are dangerous that if the panda encounters them, he will fall out of the path immediately. The only way to save him from the obstacles is to jump over them.

Here at Gogy 2 games, the operation is simple, just click or tap the game screen, and the panda will jump. Besides avoiding obstacles and running safely, you can help your panda earn valuable gold coins appearing along his road, also by doing jumps. The distances between the items, obstacles or gold coins, may be very short at times. Then good eye-hand coordination is the key to master the game. The further the panda runs and the more coins he gains, the higher score you get.

There is no time limit so do your best to collect a lot of coins and run until you can't run anymore. Good luck and have fun! You may want to try more adventures like Skateboard Adventures and Pet Piano. Many different types of games along with interesting games are now on our site, come and discover with a few clicks. Enjoy your time!

How to play?

Use left mouse clicks when you play this game on the computer or tap the game screen to play it on the mobile phone.