Real Flight Simulator 2

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Real Flight Simulator 2 GamePlay:

Real Flight Simulator 2 is the next installment of this spectacular flight simulator title in which you can practice your piloting skills in a 3D realistic environment. So, if you love flying, or dream of being a pilot, don't miss it. And now, get into the cockpit of a plane and soar through the skies!


There are various airplane models for you to choose: from civilian aircraft like Cessna 172 to modern helicopters like Apache or Mig 17, and of course a lot of machines from the period of the world wars such as Nieuport 28, B-17, Grumman Duck, … Each of these airplanes has its own unique features, which gives players different authentic experiences.


Here at gogy games unblocked, you can also change the airport location and the airplane's position. When everything is ready for the flight, it's time to take off your airplane. Use different controls such as the throttle, flaps, engine ignition and landing gear to fly your plane and make sure that you can land without crashing it into the ground and blowing up your aircraft in pieces. It may be a bit difficult to operate your plane at the beginning, but after several times of practicing, you can grasp how to do it. Take your time to get used to your plane and become a master pilot! Have a good time!


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How to play?

Press E to start engine;

0 to 9 to use the throttle;

Up and Down arrow keys to control elevation;

Left and Right arrow keys to control turning;

X and Z to control rudder;

W and Q to control flaps;

W and S to control collective pitch;

G to use landing gear

C to change camera view.

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