Boxing Surgery Simulator

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Boxing Surgery Simulator game at Gogy play is one of the biggest tournaments of boxers all over the world. They will participate in this game to find the best boxer on the planet. So, this will be a special battle with many of the best and most professional boxers of all time.


To ensure the safety and best performance of a boxer, they need the care of the doctors in the arena. You will be the one to take on this important role. Your goal is to care for and treat the wounds to the boxers immediately when they are injured. This job requires you to have professional skills and the ability to react quickly because the time between breaks is extremely short.


As soon as the fighters stop the match, you must quickly treat the open wounds to stop the bleeding and reduce the pain for the boxers to continue to participate in the next round in the game at gogy for kids. You need to use cotton to clean the blood and stains, use special solutions to remove bacteria and prevent infection for wounds.


For open wounds, you must stitch immediately to prevent bleeding. You don’t have much time to do it, so you have to rescue the dangerous wounds to help the boxers return to the arena. Did you feel attractive enough? Adding some similar games for you such as Operate Now Ear Surgery at


How to play? Use the mouse to play the game.

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