Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt

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Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt GamePlay:

Crocodile Simulator Beach Hunt is an awesome and gory rage simulator which is playable gogy best games 2018 for free. How many times have you experienced a wild alligator rampage? Be a real wild crocodile and survive in the forest, watering-place, forests or ocean beach side as long as you can survive on water surfer or underwater also. Let’s engage yourself in one of them. 


Here at w gogy com, you can choose from to different beach locations to terrorize. Each location has some beautiful details and graphics. This game has 2 modes for you: You can play both Singleplayer and multiplayer game modes. In the Singleplayer game mode, you have to compete for a variety of objectives like "kill 5 humans" to feed your crocodile and rack up a good score. In the multiplayer game mode, you have to emulously against other crocodile controlling players to rack up the highest amount of kills possible in the allotted time frame. 


Head on into the waters today and control your crocodile! You can also attempt the shark version in Shark Simulator Beach Killer. Be a part of animal battle between survivals of the safari jungle animal simulators. Hangover against wildlife reptiles in this ultimate 3D crocodile adventure world.


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Use the WASD to move

Press Space bar to attack

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