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Paused GamePlay:

Paused is new action games for kids, you can play free online at Gogy 2. Time only works for one of us! You mission is to help the duckling and his bunny friend reach the end by manipulating time. This is the intended behavior. Pausing and resuming is pretty much a “code of honor” thing; if you leave the game you have to trust that your opponent won’t unpause it. Note that you can still play while the game is paused, you don’t have to resume it beforehand.

Have fun and make sure you browse through our game collections to find the ones you like. There are a lot of options to try and these are two of them: Knight 360 and Brave Adventure. Have a great time!

How to play: 

Move - A, D,

Left Arrow, and Right Arrow Jump - W, Z, B,

or Up Arrow Fall - S or

Down Arrow Switch - X, N, Space, or

Enter Reload - R

Pause - Escape or P


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