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Play GamePlay: is a unique io game at gogy for kids. In the game, take care of various aspects of your character such as you can grow, age and rebirth; sleep, eat, have fun and go to the toilet. To survive - you will have to find a job and buy buildings. The main goal of the game is to live your game life. 


First of all customize your character → Choose gender + skin color + outfit. You must watch out for other players in the city, because they will try and attack you and eliminate you. Don'n worry, here at gogy 2 Games, you can do the same so be proactive and try to take them out first. Manage every aspect of your life at gogy for school. Try to thrive in the wonderful and intriguing city of Nend!


Earn money

- Work on a computer: Find money on the roads or kill people.

- Once you have enough, you can buy a building. You get money, if each time someone buy something in your building.

- Find employment to earn cash, use that cash to purchase food and supplies so you can survive.

- Upgrade your skills

- Each year, you can improve your character on: Computing, Trading, Strengh, Speed, ...

Get a successor

- Before dying, think to buy a successor in a nursery.

- The more skills your successor has, the more expensive he'll be.


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☆ A full .io city survival game that has some elements

☆ Basic needs to maintain

☆ Buy a building to generate income

☆ Aging system

☆ Level up to upgrade a skill

☆ Map navigator



  • WASD - Control the movement
  • The left click - Attack
  • Enter - Chat
  • E key or Spacebar - Interact
  • M key - Open map
  • Right click - Delete an item
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