Neon Blocks

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Neon Blocks GamePlay:

Neon Blocks at is the appearance of blocks and gifts for players to join this game. You can pay attention to the numbers that appear on the blocks game and the number of balls you are allowed to use when participating in the levels. Players can determine the direction and position of the ball's path to shoot them most accurately. Different paths will help you destroy blocks with a single pass.

If you are looking for a new game to relax, you can start with the destruction of these blocks. With higher levels, players will have to use their intelligence and gaming skills to complete the journey with blocks in the best way. Do not hesitate to look for opportunities to join your game. We suggest giving players new games and you can choose or easily search for discovery at Gogy2 new games 2019. List of new themed games and age groups keep updated and players can easily join without being bothered by any factor.

Blocks with different numbers are new challenges for you. Get ready for your chance to join this game and complete the task with the skills the game has instructed you. Save gaming tips and learn if you haven't been able to complete the game in the best way.

Share with friends or players who love playing online games. Different rewards also appear in each level and you can be ready with the opportunity that the game brings to you. In addition, you can explore new games similar to this game like Platforms City and Speed Box. Your vast world will definitely contain interesting things.


Click and drag the left mouse button until you determine the most accurate position, release the mouse button

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