Jump Box Hero

Rate: 75% | 3.8/5 (4 Player)


Jump Box Hero GamePlay:

If you are tired of puzzle games, fashion games and shooting games, you should try to play Jump Box Hero game at Gogy. This is a speed and challenge game of all ages. I believe that you will be addicted to this game from the first turn. Would you like to try this game? In this game, your biggest task is to control the black cubes as far away as possible. Here, you will not have to jump over the obstacles and deadly traps in a straight line or across. Instead, you have to overcome the challenges ahead.


The spikes will move continuously to open the closed path in the middle. Your goal is to control the squares and successfully pass the spikes. Whenever two sharp spikes open, you must jump quickly and advance to the next gates. The distance between the spikes is very short, so you must watch carefully and jump precisely to avoid collision with the spikes.


In this game at Gogy 2, you only have 1 turn, so try your best to get as far as possible and score the highest score in the game. Warning! The speed of this game will be significantly increased, so you will not be easy to overcome the challenges on the track. With simple graphics but the attractive gameplay, this game will not make you feel disappointed.


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How to play? Play the game by using your left mouse in the game.