King Bird Tower Defense

Rate: 40% | 2/5 (1 Player)


King Bird Tower Defense GamePlay:

You must place different weapons in the locations where the enemy troops are passing in the King Bird Tower Defense game at Those weapons will in turn move and shoot at your enemies. The wave of enemies will increase and you need to determine the exact location to place weapons in this game. However, do not use the money you have recklessly.

If you run out of money to buy weapons, you will have to wait until the enemy dies and you will have a certain amount of money along with new weapons you can use to fight. Observe the enemy's movement to make the final decision. Do not waste weapons wisely if the enemy is too small. You need to save money to buy weapons for the next battle level. Any player will love this strategy game and want to relax when having free time at Gogy2 strategy online game.

Don't hesitate to explore your special game space when joining our new world. You will not miss the opportunity to become the best player with the battle plans that a general can do. Pay attention to monsters that can fly. They will be destroyed by a special weapon that you need to study in your game. Don't forget to move and place artillery posts in the position that you find most meaningful when participating in these famous game levels at our website.

In addition, you can also explore other interesting strategy games like World Craft 2 and Build Craft. This battle will end when you have unlocked all levels.

Game Controls:

Click the left mouse button to select the weapons you want to place in different positions

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