Tower Defense

Rate: 70% | 3.5/5 (6 Player)


Tower Defense GamePlay:

Are you a fan of defense games? Are you looking for a fun and engaging defense game? Great! You don’t need to waste any time because the Tower Defense game at will be an interesting choice for you. Warning! This is an addictive and exciting game for all ages. With a simple and fun gameplay, the game promises to bring players an exciting and unique experience in life.


Are you ready to show your intelligence and leadership? Jump into this attractive battle right away! Here, a series of waves of enemies are attacking your kingdom. They often appear in large numbers and attack continuously into important positions in your country. Their purpose is to destroy everything in your kingdom. So, your biggest task is to defend your kingdom by building defense towers everywhere.


In each tower defense in the game at Go gy, you need to set up the mighty army and modern weapons. Besides, if you want to destroy the waves of enemies in an effective way, you need to build tower defense towers close together because they can assist and combine in defeating powerful enemies.


In particular, a good tip for you is that you should put different weapons in each tower defense because this can help you kill enemies in a faster way. Try your best to destroy many enemies, earn money, upgrade your energy and build more defensive towers in your kingdom. Have you felt ready to defend your world? This chance is for you. Don’t forget to play more with Dragon Ball Fighting at


How to play? Use the mouse to build the tower defense in the game.