Car Vs Cops Online

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Car Vs Cops Online GamePlay:

Car Vs Cops Online is a special and dramatic driving game which is played by many players around the world at gogy games online. This is actually a fierce battle between you and the police to get rid of the scythe of death. Imagine that you are a special criminal and the police are looking for ways to arrest you. So, by all means you have to escape the police and build a new regime.


Jumping in your red car and drive carefully to avoid being caught by the police on the road. A large number of police officers will attack at the same time. You don’t have any time to think, you should focus on driving carefully and surviving as long as possible in this maze at juegos gogy. You should remember that the police will appear everywhere and attack you from all directions. You can’t kill enemies with guns or bombs, you can just make police cars collide and explode.


You can drive in circles to make the police cars collide. The speed of this game is very fast, so you have to watch carefully and drive wisely to avoid being destroyed by the police car. Here, you will have 3 turns in each level and you should take the opportunity to survive as long as possible in battle. Don’t forget to collect the gold coins on the way and use them to upgrade your car. Play more with some similar games such as Hot Wheels at


Controls: Drive your car by using the mouse on the computer.

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