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Brickz GamePlay:

Want to break all the obstacles? You want to be the best player with the highest score. Do not miss the chance to explore Brackz online at gogy for kids. You will overcome the challenges to assert your thoughts. In this game, you will be the only player. You do not have to play with the enemy. Your task is to move the sharp object chain through the obstacle-filled paths where the bricks are placed to get the highest score. Note that, the original object string is equal to five.


You will have to pick the shortest path and stab through the lowest score bricks to reduce the chain loss of the object. While moving, you try to collect star icons and sharp objects to lengthen the chain of objects and increase the score. As such, you will go through many paths and stab through many bricks to keep your chain of objects long. Will the final score determine if you are the best player? How many levels will you pass? How many points will you gain?


It all depends on your ingenuity. This game will help you think faster. Help your brain be trained. The game does not require time, but you will also have to focus on the game to be able to have the highest score. With vivid graphic design, this exciting game will bring you enjoyment. You will use the mouse to move the sequence of objects you want.


Do you have the confidence to win? Do not forget to share with your friends. If you love the game, you also can play some similar games like Bouncy Run and Flip Cube in All great for you! Why you don’t share them with your friends? Share the happiness!



You will use the mouse to move the chain of objects in the game.

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