Smashy Road

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Smashy Road GamePlay:

Do you want to win the championship in the race? Will you overcome all the obstacles on the way? Do not miss the chance to explore the Smashy Road online game in gogy kids. You will enjoy the thrill of the race. In this game, you will have two options: Play alone with your computer or you will invite your friends to play together. Your goal is to pass all the cars along the way and reach the destination safely.


You will have to pass many levels, each level will get harder and you will get bonus. Try to get a lot of bonuses, you will unlock the new cars and they will help you to race better. Note, along the way, there are many obstacles for you. You need to overcome the opponent and observe very well to overcome the obstacles on the track.


In the game at gogy car games, you do not race on a straight line but running on a high ridge with many bends, climbing up the slope and jumping over the distance between two cliffs. A lot of hazards to you. If you move incorrectly, you will crash into the rock, you will fall into the abyss and the game will end.


With a very short time, fast speed, this game requires you to look carefully, move quickly and correctly, you can reach the destination safely. With lively game design, the race will give you a new feeling. Will you win? How many levels will you pass? How many new cars will you buy? Are you ready to start your adventure right now?


Do not forget to share with your friends when you experience Smashy Road. Besides, if you love this kind of game, you can explore some similar games like Burnout Drift 3 in I believe they will also be attracted. Start playing now!



Use the keys to drive your car moving in the race.

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