American Football Challenge

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American Football Challenge GamePlay:

American Football Challenge at is an exciting and dramatic football match in a large stadium with thousands of spectators. The purpose of this match is to find the best goalkeeper in the professional football league. Who will win the championship? It will depend entirely on your ability and reaction. Especially, this game is divided into 10 attractive levels with different challenges.


Each level will be a new problem which requires players to have higher level skills. So, to conquer higher levels, you need to focus and prepare many necessary skills to overcome each challenge. In this game at gogy kizi, your task is to catch all the balls that your opponent throws towards your goal. You must catch these balls at all costs.


Note that, your opponent will throw the ball in all directions from left, right, and below to make it hard for you to catch them. To catch each ball, you need to watch carefully and steer the hand correctly to towards the balls. One more thing, you should remember that the ball’s speed will be increased dramatically after each level, so you need to have a fast reaction and professional catching skill in the game.


Try your best to catch 5 balls in each level and open next levels. If you want to learn more catching skills, you can check out some similar games like Soccer Heads at Good luck!



You only need to use your mouse to control the goalkeeper to catch the ball.