Bow Master Stickman Hero

Rate: 87.7% | 4.4/5 (13 Player)


Bow Master Stickman Hero GamePlay:

In the Bow Master Stickman Hero, you play as a stickman always keeping a trusty bow handy, and your aim here is to save your friends who are hanging on ropes and achieve various given challenges. What you need is to aim and shoot your arrows. You will shoot around platforms, from crazy angles. And in many cases, you can’t directly shoot your arrows at targets, instead, shoot your arrows at prearranged assistant arrows to get support.


At go gy games today, this game wants to test your aiming skills as well as your speed. You have to rescue your friends before their time runs out. The time will go fast that it is not enough for you to aim so slowly or miss the targets several times. Thus, stay focused and try to aim as exactly and quickly as you can and score perfect shots. There are altogether 64 different challenges.


As you further in the game, the challenges become more and more difficult. So, keep improving your skills and conquer all the challenges. Don’t forget to earn gold stars in each level and then use them to change your character or purchase new bows. Enjoy the game! Want to play similar games? Here are some recommendations for you: Apple Shooter Remastered and Stickman Archer Online 2. Check out our site to discover fun things every day!


How to play?

On the computer: Use your mouse to aim and press the left mouse button to shoot your arrows.

On the mobile phone: tap the screen to play.

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