Apple Shooter Remastered

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Apple Shooter Remastered GamePlay:

Apple Shooter Remastered game at goggy is one of the exciting and appealing shooter games which is suitable for shooting lovers. Warning! This game has some violent and bloody images, so you should consider before playing. Imagine that you and your friend participate in an adventure game. An apple will be placed on your friend's head and your biggest mission is to shoot down this apple without hurting your friend.


This task is not easy because the apple is very baby, so you are hard to shoot accurately on it. In particular, if you shoot incorrectly, your friend will be killed instantly. Your friend will be injured and lose a lot of blood, so this can cause you to feel scared. How to shoot exactly on the apple without injuring your friend?


Keep your eyes to observe carefully and shoot correctly into the apple. You can control the arrow to change the position and direction to shoot correctly on the apple. Try your best to avoid hurting your friend and passing as many levels as possible. Besides, this game will not save the result, so if you fail, you will return to the first level. After playing this game,


I believe you can improve many skills such as observation skills, shooting skills and predictability. Would you like to discover more with shooting games? This chance is for you. Don’t forget to explore more with The Spear Stickman and Apple Shooter Mobile at


How to play?

Use your left mouse to shoot down the apple.

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