Traveler IQ Challenge

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Traveler IQ Challenge GamePlay:

How well do you know the world you live in? Can you pinpoint on a map where various cities are? How close do you think, you can guess to where they actually are? Test your knowledge with Traveler IQ Challenge fun game at gogy kids Games


Traveler IQ Challenge puts your geography skills to a test at gogy play now. In the game, your goals is to locate cities on the world map. You’re given a location and you click where you think it is. You get points depending on how close you are from its accurate location and score enough points to advance to the next level. 


Try to click as close as possible to the asked locations on the map. This will earn you points and the faster you are the better. There are levels and make the game harder, the higher you get the more points you earn. What are you waiting for? Get started and show me. 


Test our geographical knowledge, and they’re different from any other geography games I’ve seen on the Internet. Visit Check out The Impossible Quiz. We hope to be an inspiration and help others in their ventures to explore the world.


Instruction: You need to scroll down the game is in the middle of the page.

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