Jelly Challenge

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Jelly Challenge GamePlay:

Enjoy the new game that Gogy brought to you. Jelly Challenge is known for its simple gameplay in which players just collect 3 stones and complete the missions of each level. Observe how long it takes you to complete the game and ask for the score to come up with the best ways to play and complete the game with the highest score you have. Share gameplay with your friends if they're trying to make it through this awesome game space too. Will colorful jellies attract you in the game? Try to complete all the challenges and relax if you have free time.

Use the time you have available to make the best choice. Many players have won this game. Become the best player if you have joined our first levels and completed your journey. Any game space will also contain countless new things that you have the opportunity to explore. is constantly updating new games and introducing players around the world to special ways to play.

Don't hesitate to move the gems and finish your play today. Different tips will help you to perfect this game. Players who join the game on our website will not be bothered by ads or game loading speed. This is an advantage that any player can hardly miss. Become the best player today. Games similar to this game will also appeal to you like Easy Kids Coloring Bat and What The Objects. Don't miss out on any journey that you are looking forward to exploring today.

Instructions: Use the left mouse button to move the jellies and collect the same stones

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