Tornado Giant Rush

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"Tornado Giant Rush" is a game in which you learn that tornadoes do not immediately become so huge and destructive. They are formed from air currents that gradually increase in strength. That is exactly what you will be doing right now! In this arcade you will spend most of your time, because this is where you will get to know tornadoes of different shades, which will fascinate you a lot more.

You just need to slide to control the tornado forward. Note that to collect, and their own color tornadoes will become larger and larger, contact with different colors of tornadoes will become smaller, until failure. Now, come to play it!

Challenging but still interesting, it’s worth playing. If you think it’s too difficult, you can switch to other games such as Perfect Brain 3D at Gogy2 for kids to refresh your mind, then come back and keep solving the puzzles. Fun!

Controlling key: Mouse!

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