Monster Rush

Rate: 95% | 4.8/5 (4 Player)


Monster Rush GamePlay:

Monster Rush at gogy unblocked is one of the most dramatic games that requires the players to have many different skills to complete each task in the game. This is a perfect combination of defense game and speed game. In order to conquer this exciting action game, you need some specific skills such as the ability to observe, react quickly, speed up and reflect accurately in situations. However, you don’t worry too much because you just need to be familiar with the gameplay to kill the enemy.


In this battle, you will stand at the center of a cross. Enemies will attack you from 4 sides at fast and correct speed. You can’t destroy and expel them from your kingdom because their numbers are too large and they will attack continuously towards you from all directions. So, you can only defend and protect your location on the map. To destroy the enemy, you just need to determine the main direction and attack. However, the enemy will appear in four different directions, so you will have to defend constantly and change the direction in the correct way.


Attack time in the directions is very fast, so you need to focus high and make the correct decision. Try your best to destroy many enemies and become the best player. Ready to put your name on the Leaderboard? Don’t miss any chance to explore more with Omicronia at Good luck!


How to play? You can control your character by using arrow keys on the keyboard.

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