Rail Rush

Rate: 95.6% | 4.8/5 (9 Player)


Rail Rush GamePlay:

Rail Rush is a fun endless avoid game at gogy free games. Step into your cart and begin this exploring frenzy! There will be surprises along the way and special gifts to earn! In the game, your main goals is to control your character and mine cart, collect precious stones to get those gold nuggets and gems! Break the rock eggs to reveal what’s inside of them and pick up all the gems for your personal explorer’s collection!


Find new and exciting paths to explore across the mine; go through those special levels to earn more nuggets! In 10 different settings at jogos gogy, bfeaturing many exciting environments: Dash through the Crazy Caves, fight the horde in the Zombie Caves. In Sweet Wonderland, make your sweetest dreams come true. 


Hurtle through the lush and dangerous Amazon jungle, immerse in the terrific Undersea World. Take a dive in the Horror Land. Visit the wonderful Snow Land. Navigate on the Steam Factory. Find your way on the Jurassic Jungle. Explore the Pharaoh's Tomb. All this and many surprise levels which will amaze you with their colorful scenarios. Try to stay on the rails for as long as possible. Good luck!


What do you think about this game? Play together and beam with pride. Rate it highly and make comments on the game. Enjoy Wild West: Sheriff Rage from http://m.gogy2.xyz. Much time!



☆ Missions to be completed

☆ Buyable characters, cart objects and power-ups

☆ Cool graphics 

☆ Smooth effects



  • Up arrow - Jump
  • Down arrow - Duck
  • The left/ right arrow - Change track
  • AD key - Avoid side obstacles
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