Tomato Crush

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Tomato Crush GamePlay:

The Tomato Crush game is one of the fun games you can discover at gogy Games girl. Ripe tomatoes are waiting for you to crush or change their color to match. Merge with the remaining tomatoes. However, you only have 20 seconds to complete all quests. Each point corresponds to the task that you have completed and you can reach the highest score after the time ends.


This is a challenging game and the speed of completion is so fast that you can completely share with your friends to host a competition to see who has the highest score after the 20 seconds to join the game. Surely the game will be addictive for you and you do not need to spend a lot of time for each game. In contrast, you only need to participate in the match for a certain time and place the tomatoes in the same color or crushed them according to the number of tomatoes appear on the screen.


Make the quick decision to take advantage of the meager amount of time you have. This game at is loved by many and desires to explore in your spare time. We are constantly updating new games for players and helping you complete missions with basic instructions or playing tips. You are no longer bothered by the ad or load factor that you can completely enjoy the new game in your favorite game list.


In addition, you can play more games on the list of similar games with this game such as Love Balls and Maze Lover. Find the game that you love and express your ability today.



Use your left mouse button to click on the tomatoes that are different colors from others or crush them

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