Hero 3 Flying Robot

Rate: 60% | 3/5 (2 Player)


Hero 3 Flying Robot GamePlay:

Become a flying super robot. Fly around the city and destroy enemies. Shoot an energy beam from your hand. Use homing missiles to destroy several enemies at once. Activate a laser beam from your chest and burn through crowds of enemies. Destroy all enemies who have captured the city!

Such a great game turns to waste if you don't recommend it to your friends so that they can join the game as well! Keep your brain sharp and ready to solve the puzzles and challenge your brain with more and more questions in the games like Spidey Man Rescue Online at gogy2 unblocked!


 Mouse - Look around

WASD - Movement

Space / Ctrl - Move up / down

Shift - Accelerated flight

Left Mouse Button - Shoot with your left hand

Right Mouse Button - Activate

Beam F - Activate firing missiles

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