Stickman Vector

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Stickman Vector GamePlay:

Stickman Vector moves through different positions to complete the mission without dying from falling into the traps. By the best move, he can overcome the challenge of this game at First, players need to learn movement skills and begin to pass traps from the first moves. Don't forget to run and jump over the trap then use the assistive tools to overcome longer traps and complete each task from easy to difficult.

Surely you will be amazed at your ability to start this journey. If you move and bump into the trap, the game will end immediately. Therefore, you need to be the most skillful when joining this game. Share gaming tips with other players today. You can also introduce your friends to relax with this new game in your free time. Your time is more useful than ever at Gogy2 free games. You can open the music and start your journey with the traps you see ahead. Players have only 1 network. Therefore, be careful with the occurrence of traps.

This game brings players to a new world where you have to use your own power to overcome different challenges. What are you waiting for without joining the game and completing the mission of each level? Become the best player and movement skills when you have participated in previous action games.

We extend the player's play count with a number of new games similar to this game where you can start your journey such as Robot Hero City Simulator 3d and Stickjet Challenge. Each mission will force you to find those Different ways to play through.


Use arrow keys or WASD to move and jump over the traps

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