Rack 'Em

Rate: 93.3% | 4.7/5 (6 Player)


Rack 'Em GamePlay:

Rack 'Em is a sports simulation video game at gogy games. In local multiplayer mode, competing in a 1-on-1 match against either an opponent over the internet, or against your friend. 


In the game at gogy game play, there are 5 different game modes. You can play standard pool (8 or 9 ball variations, the fast-paced Bumper Pool ), or the English game of Snooker. Each with their rules recreated as accurately as possible. In addition, there is an editor for the Bumper Pool game built in. In practice modes, shots can be retaken - This is helpful for a beginner. Because each shot involves selecting the target ball, its desired location, shot pace and spin your favourite shots can be saved to disk.


The rules of the 8 ball pool game also apply here by make use of the aiming indicator to help you shoot in the right direction. Pocket, all the assigned balls and finally the black number 8. Much time!


If you find foavor with it, assess this game with 5 stars. Write reviews and send them to us. Tell friends about it. Try to play Kickup FRVR and Tap-tap shots in http://m.gogy2.xyz. Good luck!



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How to play?

On Desktop

  • Use your mouse to aim
  • Drag the left mouse button backward to set power, release to shoot

On Mobile:

  • Touch around the white ball to aim
  • Use the stick on the left screen; Drag backward to set power and release to shoot