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Play GamePlay: will freshen up your summertime with the water park themed gameplay! Since summer has finally arrived, Gogy land wants to invite you to emerge in this io game! You will control your own character while maneuvering the movement. The ultimate goal is to slide down the water slide and leave all your opponents behind. In order to bypass the opponents, you need to move smartly while sliding down these large slides.

Drift from one side to another and push the other players out of the slide! Be bold and you will be able to both eliminate the other competitors and push you forward to boost your speed. The faster you move, the greater the risk will be. However, with great speed, you can push the opponents easier.

If you are a daredevil who loves to experiment, why don't you take a short cut? By jumping out of the current position and landing back on the slide, it's the best way to skip some places and reach the finish line like a champ. Thanks to the io features, this game at Gogy io 2019 might be one of your favorite games for days!

Enjoy a fabulous summertime game at without having to going out under the heated sunlight! There are tons of activities to do here like jetski, raft, diving in the games such as and Spice up your summer playtime now!

How to play:

Interact and play using the mouse cursor.

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