Kickup FRVR

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Kickup FRVR is one of the most interesting and attractive football games which is played by thousands of the players around the world at Gogy online. The game is especially suitable for football lovers and boys. In this game, your task is not to kick the ball into the opponent's goal, instead your aim is to keep the ball in the air as long as possible.


To keep the ball in the air, you need to hit a circle to push the ball higher. Whenever the ball falls, you need to hit the circle to push it higher. The ball will move in different directions and randomly, so you have to observe carefully and calculate the position of the ball to hit a circle at the right time and place. In particular, you have only one life in each turn, so you have to control the circle carefully and avoid losing the highest score in the game at gogy game free.


In particular, the ball can collide and fence around and create bounce in the air. So, you need to calculate the bounce and direction of the ball to control the circle in the correct direction. The difficulty level of the game will be increased dramatically after the number of balls will be increased on the screen.


You will not only have to control a ball, instead you will have to control multiple balls at the same time. Try your best to win the highest score! Don’t forget to explore more with American Football Challenge at

Controls: Use the mouse to play the game.