Monstober Haunted Hunt

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Monstober Haunted Hunt GamePlay:

Choose your vehicle and a favorite track to start the Monstober Haunted Hunt! Here at Gogy, you will enter car racings with other three racers in haunted environments. Your aim is to collect enough required flags in a limited time, and ideally become the first person to finish the race. So, the speed is the key when playing this game. You’ll see a map on the upper right corner of the screen and first you need to know how to read it. The blue dots stand for opponent positions while the yellow dot stands for yours, and the smaller yellow dot is the position of the flag. Then, it’s up to you to find out which is the quickest way to reach the flag. You don’t always have to go along the road, you can go through the land if you think this helps you get the flag faster. You can also get up the speed by collecting power-ups like Speed Boosts or Stop Opponents. In addition, don’t forget to earn Extra Points to gain a higher score. After each race, you will receive some medals as a reward for your performance. Will you complete all the tracks and get all the medals in the game? Good luck and have fun!


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How to play?

Press Arrow keys to control your vehicle and Left mouse button to interact with the items in the game.

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