Rate: 73.3% | 3.7/5 (3 Player)


MazeBot GamePlay:

MazeBot is an awesome platform game at Gogy game. The game features retro visuals based upon video game graphics of the early to mid 1980s using a 4-color-only palette, and a total resolution of 320×200 pixels. You control a highly advanced robot and your mission is to find your way through maze-like levels, fight enemies and elude traps. 


MazeBot is a highscore based game of gogy 2 player games. First, to get used to the controls, you must pass a basic movement test. Press E key to start the game. Then you must pass an evaluation to check your skill such as a robot! Be sure to move quickly and look out for the energy power ups. They look like a lightning bolt. Work through each different test and attempt to finish all levels in the fastest time possible!


Accept challenges of Write reviews about this game and assess it. Introduce it to companions and find Angry Gran Run: Brazil



Vintage CGA graphics

Maze and obstacles in each level

You have limited amount of reboots


How to Play

Use WASD to control the bot’s movement. 

Press E or Q key to select whether you want to Fight or Run from an enemy.