New York Shark

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New York Shark GamePlay:

Do you want to try the shark game on the sea? Each shark game has its own special and unique features that you will hardly miss when joining online and the New York Shark at gogy com will lead you to come to New York where is the big city in the USA. There are many people who are engaged in marine activities and other fish species. They are swimming, boating, surfing... The planes also appear in the sky.


The task of the shark is to eat meat and destroy all the things that appear on the sea to earn the highest score in this game. Players will help the shark destroy the boats, the planes, eat people, fish... In addition to New York beach, you can also explore the Sydney and Miami journey in this exciting shark game.


We help players play the game at without being bothered by the advertising or the load factor factors. You will have the opportunity to explore the ocean and show off your power in the famous shark game. The highest scoring player continuously updated at the list.


In addition, do not lose energy so you need to constantly destroy and eat people. If you destroy the planes and boats, your score will increase. The other new shark games are also constantly updated at the website like Shark Simulator and Wars Of Worlds. Each game is a private world that you can hardly miss when joining. Do not hesitate to explore them in your spare time and become the king of the ocean.


How to play:

Bite: A or Ctrl,

Move: Arrow keys, dive deep and then come back up for a super jump

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