Jumping Angry Ape

Rate: 85% | 4.3/5 (4 Player)


Jumping Angry Ape GamePlay:

Jump over all the obstacles in Jumping Angry Ape at www gogy and win the highest score with your best skill ever. You will definitely become an Ape in this game. Ape is extremely angry and he needs your help to run the distance, avoid the obstacles and jump the most accurate across different positions.


With your talent and running skills, you will hardly lose the game easily. So let play this game if you have free time or simply love the content of the running game. Many people all around the world are searching the content of this game to open a new world of running talent. Do not forget to collect all the necessary items and your money in this game at http://m.gogy2.xyz/.The newest games are constantly being updated to lead players step by step.


In the world of the best with extremely interesting and special things, you can discover anytime. Running games have attracted different players to the world of ability and skill. Ape needs your help to overcome all the obstacles and reach the highest score. The ranking of the best players or the highest score is updated daily. Share this fun game with your friends or see who's the last winner.


Surely you will be proud of your ability in this game and update the latest games in your favorite game list like Super Plumber Runand Robin Forest Run.The game will lead you to various obstacles that you can hardly miss when joining. Run the most accurate and become the last winner.


Controls game:

Hold down the left mouse button to jump over the obstacles on your runway in this game

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